What is EV SSL

An Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) is the highest form of authentication for a website. To ensure the authenticity of the person or business there is a more detailed evaluation and verification process. This process includes manual validation steps to verify the existence of your business and your physical identity.

When an EV SSL is installed it you will see a Green search bar when someone visits your site. This acts as a symbol of security and helps build customer trust. EV SSL certificates are best suited for an e-commerce website. The e-commerce industry now prefers EV SSL certificates a standard for trust and security. 

Getting the EV certificate requires the full validation of your organizations which ensures that the certificates are only issued to the most trusted companies. 

The visual appearance of a secure connection ensures that visitors feel safe to perform transactions on the website which results in customer satisfaction and increased revenue. 

 You can view a website's SSL Certificate by clicking on the lock icon in the address bar of a browser.SSL Cert Padlock